Immigration Courts Delay Deportation Hearings during Govt. Shutdown

The immigration court backlog has increased by almost 50% to 800,000 pending cases nationwide during the Trump Administration. While this is frustrating for those who have a good chance of winning in court and obtaining or keeping their lawful permanent resident status, for the great majority, a delay of their Master Calendar or Individual Merits hearings may be a blessing in disguise. These delays may allow undocumented immigrants more time to reside in the U.S. with their family members while their cases are pending. In addition, more delays are giving Respondents’ immigration lawyers more time to prepare for trial.
Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is attempting to place quotas on immigration judges to complete hearings at a faster rate, thus challenging immigration attorneys to protect their clients’ rights of due process of law in order that Individual Merits Hearing (or a trial) be fully heard and witnesses be called.

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