Immigration Lawyers Sue ICE over denial of representation

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Assoc) filed a lawsuit yesterday over ICE detainees lack of access to lawyer consultations either in person or by telephone. The 6th Ammendment to the US Constitution, the right to legal counsel and a fair trial protects not only to US citizens and lawful permanent residence from being convicted of a crime or other legal jeopardy, the US Constitution amd Bill of Rights protects anyone who is present in the US. The suit was filed out of denial of counsel at 4 detention centers on our Southern Border, the same area where unaccompanied minors are held indefinitely in violation of an order by a  Federal judge in Southern California.
When one is arrested or detained by any government official, whether local state or federal, family should retain competent legal counsel to determine whether one is entitled to fight deportation either by way of asylum, if one has recently entered the US,  proving hardship to family, if one is deported after residing in the US for over 10 years or adjustment of status to permanent residence by a US citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse or child over 21.
John Carrico
Family Visa and Immigrstion Services